Friday, November 12, 2010

Singing Storm Troopers and a Jingling Pine Cone

Happy John, Happy Brenda.

Loving the colors!

Aaron was VERY proud of the fact that his
storm troopers had their own song books.
Good boy, that Aaron.

"Silent night, Holy..." COW. What is UP with these weird looking JESUS figures and pictures!? Do we not remember last year's Jesus with a mustache?! (click here to re-visit)

A bunch of tiny, professional pics from the marathon folks.
They want something like $20 for a 2 x 3 inch print.
Screen shots will do, thank you very much.

Pretty sure that's JOY.

Skipping to the Finish Line.

Hooray, Faithful Soles!

Oh, so very happy!

Work day without kids: the employee at Chipotle who prepared our staff meals was a former student over at Rock Ridge Elementary. He had seem me earlier in the month, and was so excited to re-connect. I believe his words that day were, "Boy, Ms. G, time has treated you well!" Works for me.

Let me tell you, it was a rough day.

I fought the printer and the...

...printer won. Grr.

At least the Rock was beautiful.

That's about how I felt after the long week.

Well, I'll be. Ever seen something many times before, only to realize you've never really looked at it? This verse has been hanging on the church library wall, and was the one I kept in mind during the marathon. It's been there the whole time! Isaiah 40:31.

So thankful to be able to DRIVE in the white stuff this year!

Confirmation Family Night with Holden.

We answered questions via texting. Sweet.

That would be a big ole FALSE.

Go, Joni, Go!

Paranormal Activity. Too funny.

The liturgical dance by the pastors was a bit hit.

...the kids realized Kevin would wear a dress. HA!

I love Castle Rock.

My little Veteran back in September of 1982.

Ooo-rah! Happy Vet's Day, Brad!

"Ms. G, may I bring in my pine cone?"
I had to really wonder, until she shows me this.
My kids are awesome.

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