Thursday, December 10, 2009

Faith and Fun

Welcome to the most random of posts! I cleaned up my computer files today, and found a bunch of random photos I hadn't uploaded yet. Here goes:

Fabulous, faith forming women!

Some chit-chat at the retreat.

Brain break - what a bunch!

Loretto Spirituality Center - near Littleton, CO. Here's our peaceful altar at the end of a well-needed Women's Retreat all about balance. Can't wait until our next time together!

Attended an "Everything You Didn't Know about the Jesuits" evening at Regis - met lots of energetic people, and learned everything I didn't know about the Jesuits. The irony? Most people in the room were Lutherans!

David took this picture on his cell phone during one of our last Disciple sessions. Yes, I'm on the table, poor Bob is caught in the middle, and Carole swears she isn't laughing AT me!

Used Dad's DVD to help illustrate how music can add to the drama of a video clip. (He set one of his motorcycle rides - the one with 318 scary curves - to dramatic film music.) The kids said they felt like they were in the middle of a video game - score! And who says videos aren't a helpful teaching tool!?

Isn't this amazing? I took this picture just before the Messiah Concert on Friday. It's taken from BEHIND the altar - this was the image that the bright lights gave the stained glass and the cross!

You never NEVER know what you're going to see in a Bethany sermon! Case in point: here is John the Baptist and St. Nick from Sunday, December 6th. Check out the sermon here, complete with Bob Marley riffs and all!

"Ms. G! I have a loose tooth!"
"A wiggly, jiggly loose tooth!?"

THIS tooth, however, is just downright frightening.
I'm just hoping she doesn't accidentally swallow the darn thing...

Money Man strikes again.
I'm a bit concerned that he has no head...

Check it out - my new scarf from the Fieldings!
Super thick, super tie-dye, super awesome.

I played a double shift of Bells tonight, and had a 45 minute break in between playing. I brought along the candle that I received at the Retreat. Got caught up on my Advent devotionals, which is amazing, considering this room is beyond creepy! The candle certainly helped!

Am I the only one who finds this sign amusing?

If you haven't visited H2O devos yet today,
be sure to check it out! Sing joy!


The Quietts said...

Loved all the pictures, but I'm confused about the scarf. Where is the tie-dye? Looks like a lovely lavender scarf to me.

Allikaye's Mama said...

That was one of my favorite posts of yours...I loved it! I also LOVE that stained glass picture...amazing!! Hope you are doing well...miss your smiling face! January = a playdate!!