Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mayors and Music

The sign says it all: Peace on Earth 2009!

One of my students, Alyssa, came with me the other night to play the Bells in Denver. We needed to kill a little time (the city council was still in session, and they wouldn't appreciate the lovely dinging of the bells that were located directly above their head), so we went exploring. We found some pretty awesome exhibits on the 3rd floor. Denver has a LOT of sister cities around the world! We also went skipping and yodeling up and down the hallways, but that's another story...

We also found some great portraits of former Denver Mayors. Alyssa brought her new camera with her, and we snapped a bunch of fun pics!

The halls were LINED with
grumpy old men with facial hair!

Can you see the resemblance?

Miss Alyssa at the controls - she did a great job!

Such amazing color!

The required long-arm self-portrait! Our faces were frozen like this for a while after this picture - it was THREE degrees when we snapped it!

Ta-daaaa! We had such a blast!

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The Quietts said...

Awesome pictures and commentary!