Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rejoice Always!

Sign Man is at it again:
- the cure for Spiritual Tryptophan

Today's H20 Devo is all about rejoicing, even when you're perhaps not feeling the joy. An excerpt: "The late Roland Bainton used to quote the late Martin Luther who in describing this passage from John 2 indicated that sometimes in personal relationships, the “wine does indeed run out.” But, Luther was quick to point out that Jesus is also at the table when this happens. It is his presence and word that enables us to “rejoice always” even when the glass appears to be half empty or totally empty."
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Well, I've never been a person who worries about whether
my glass is half full or half empty, or any portion in-between.

I've always been thankful to simply have a glass!
Rejoice always!

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