Friday, December 4, 2009


H2O Devo for Friday, December 4th: Mystery. A wonderful tool or delivery system that helps with mystery during the season of Advent is the Advent wreath. It is wireless. It is GREEN. I simply love thinking and praying about the coming of the Lord. It is the Lord who comes to us in the most unlikely of settings, experiences and even people.

I invite you to light one candle.
Pray for warmth, illumination
and guidance. Sing Joy, Rtg

PS: Tonight our choir presents Handel’s MESSIAH.
Talk about joy being
sung and heard!

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Tammy said...

Hey, just catching up here. Sounds like things are going well. The city and county building is AWESOME! WOW! What an honor to play those bells! Love the Christmas tree too.

And isn't it cool to see your visitor ticker going up and up? I get such a thrill to see how many people viewed my blog the previous day. (sigh) Ok, I don't get out much LOL!!