Friday, December 18, 2009

Of Mice and Mint

A time of hope, a time of love.
Today's Advent Devo: Grace, Play and Hope.

Check out the mini-pirate (?) from
Lesson and Carols from Arrrrrround the World.

I had the antlers and greenery on my head for all of 30 seconds when the kids grabbed the camera. Funny little people have caught on to this picture-taking thing!

Ho, Ho, Ho...where's the big toe?

Weird little dots the kids design and then wet to hold together.
Very odd. Odie made this mouse with cheese for me - much better
than last year's warm cheese cube from her pocket...

Alexis said she worked on this little mouse way past midnight to get them just right! Amazing! Hershey's Kiss + Chocolate covered Cherry + Oreo + Banana Chips for ears + detailed frosting work. Wow!

The kids in 2C gave me a Mustang Award (our school spirit certificates) for helping out their teacher when she had no voice. We worked on the math concepts of halving, doubling, and understanding fractions.

This cookie was DELICIOUS. Melted mint. Mmmmm.

Take a guess. Go for it. What on earth are these?

Again, my children know me well. Bless them for pre-hardening these delicious Peeps and leaving them on my desk for me to find.
I love my Peeps.

Tie-dye duck tape, of course. Holm Family, you ROCK!

What's wrong with this picture? Only the fact that it was taken while standing IN LINE at the Grocery Store!! Wrong, wrong, wrong! I want to be able to pick out produce without having scrawny little pet dogs underfoot. Eew!

4:18 pm. Me. At home. On vacation. Amen.

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Chance said...

Wow! That is some great loot you got there.