Saturday, December 26, 2009

Renewing Hope

This Sunday, we will hold a Service of Remembrance at Bethany - a special service remembering loved ones who have gone before us.  I am thankful to be a musical part of this meaningful service.

The Scripture texts for this service will be Psalm 130, Isaiah 40:1-5, and John 11:17-28.  To me, they represented the cycle of grief - the initial pain and anguish of the loss, the reaching out for comfort and reassurance, and finally, the rejoicing in the fact that death is not final.  The hope and promise of the Resurrection does indeed conquer death.  I wrote the following three verses with this cycle in mind:  

"Renewing Hope"
Text:  Brenda L. Greenwald
Tune:  Abide with Me

Out of the depths, I cry, Lord hear my voice.
My soul is waiting, how can I rejoice?
Steadfast in love, great power to redeem,
Hope in the Lord, my sorrows, dark they seem.

Comfort your people, as they cry to thee.
Speak tenderly, embrace them lovingly.
Lift high the valleys, make the mountains low,
My hope returns, thy mercies you've bestowed.

Jesus, the Resurrection and Life.
Be thou my strength, and guide me through the strife.
Those who have died will live as we believe,
Our hope renewed, reborn, and grace received.

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RTG said...

fabulous! thanks so much