Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stars and Promises

What a CONCERT! Peter Mayer and Maggie Estes came to town on December 20th and treated us to QUITE the holiday concert. They played songs from his "Stars and Promises" album, as well as a couple of tunes from his new "Goodbye Hello" CD just released this November. It was an awesome night. Good tunes, good times.

Talk about a bunch of my favorite peeps!
Ruth Ann, Sue Ann, Peter, Maggie, Ron

Maggie, McKenna, Peter, Jessica, Chelsea

At the end of "Christmas Overture", the tempo picks up, and the Irish-jig-like music begins. Enter these three amazing dancers! What a KICK! Literally! Their dresses (and might I mention the HAIR!) totally completed the festive mood this song created! It was incredible!

Peter, Maggie, Me
(I'm not really that short - I'm standing 1 step down!)

I don't know how it all came together, but through RTG (muchas gracias, hombre del pretzel), Peter knew I played the piano, and asked if I would help out on one of the songs. Hmm...let me ...YES, PLEASE! It was sweet. I got to play the conga drums AND the piano on "Joy to the World" at the end of "Christmas Overture" - I was one happy camper!

"Here comes trou-ble..."
McKenna, Me, Audrey

Audrey is the Communications Supervisor at
Bethany, and McKenna is her daughter. Feisty folks!

Funny random moment: smack in the middle of "Here Comes the Sun", Ruth Ann's nephew, Henry, whips off his shoe and starts investigating the laces, right there in the pew! Forget the sun, "Here Comes the SHOE!"

LOVE that girl!

BLG, Rocker Wanna-be.

Yeah, not sure what's going on here. BIG shout-out to my man AJ, one of my students, for lending us his 5-stringed guitar at the very last minute. Peter plays a song called "Junkman" where he uses old, broken, beat-up instruments and creates a beautiful song.

Ok, so we're a bit giddy at this point in the night,
but aren't the colors on that dress just super cool!?

RTG got Peter to sign AJ's guitar! Sweet!

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