Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Across the USA

This Christmas, the Greenwalds were spread out over three time zone: Brenda in Colorado, Mom and Dad in Wisconsin, and Bradley John over in North Carolina.

Here's the new soldier now! Hooah!

Good grief - some of the gear he was issued.
Too bad I can't see any of it...
Because it's camouflaged...get it?

Why, pray tell, do I have a picture of a (and I quote) 105 mm Howitzer Cannon on my blog? Because Bradley John knows how much I like to take pictures of odd military items (see here for further proof), and thought the pic of a cannon decoration in Christmas Lights was appropriately absurd. Correct you are, little bro.

Back in Wisconsin, Mom and Dad celebrated
with Aunt Kris and family on Christmas Day.

Here's the gang: Paul, Angela holding Bella,
Aunt Kris, Amanda holding Alexia,
Derrick holding Dakota, Mom. Merry Christmas!

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Heather said...

Be sure to let me know if your brother is ever stationed at Fort Riley. We'll make sure he is taken care of!