Sunday, August 1, 2010

Down by the Chair, You Betcha

A-HA! I finally found the CD my Dad made from my recent travels to Wisconsin - it had fallen behind my armchair! I looked everywhere for that CD!

Dad, Brenda, Gus, Dot - 4th of July Parade

So, remember the Fireworks by the lake? (earlier post)
Where we nailed down my old bedspread to get the perfect spot?
I did NOT like the mosquitos.

Mom's happy.
I really REALLY did not like the mosquitos.

What part of
do you not understand!??!

Lovely pic.
Other than the bird that landed on my head.

Grandma Dot!

Outside the company luxury box at Miller Park.
Ooh-la-la. Suite 37.

Here I am.
In the water.

This was the ice cream place in Door County.
Gnomes follow us EVERYWHERE!

I'm glad I found this CD! Thanks, Dad!

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