Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back it Up

Just cleaning up the computer tonight.
Nice to know everything is safe.

If you haven't backed up your own computer in a while,
please stop reading the blog, and go back it up.

No, really. Go.

Finally, some color on my deck!

More yellow...wait...I bought two of the same plant.
It has now BLOOMED, however..

(Have you backed up your computer yet?)

Random lake shot.
REALLY missing the lake right about now.
What I wouldn't give to be waist-deep in water.

Ah, yes. Brenda at the piano for Rick's reception at church. A little bit of Gershwin for the party. Best part? When people starting wandering over and humming or singing along. We are a musical bunch! And, yes, that's a tip jar. BUT, if you look closely, it's actually a jar for 10.10.10. AND, Elizabeth threw in a dollar. Which I gave to 10.10.10 Hunger Relief. So, we're all good.

Looked up some pics from Meg and Stuart's wedding, way back in August of 2001. Miss Marissa and I in all our pink glory. This sweet little one is now in her second year of college and is SOARING through her life right now! Sweet daughter of God! Here's her website!

Rice girl! Such a fun day that was! I had so many bobby-pins in my hair that day! When I went through the airport (it was pre- 9/11), they wanded my head and waved me through!

(I cannot be responsible if lightning strikes your computer,
and all of your photos are lost. Go. Back up.)

Gerber baby anyone?

Such joy!

(You've backed up your computer....right?)

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Tammy said...

Hmmm...yeah, I probably should back it up soon.

I am always amazed at your weather pic's. The clouds are incredible. Love the history of Birmingham. Would love to get down there someday. The church that was bombed and the 4 girls that were killed...makes me emotional every time.