Friday, August 20, 2010

Chew on This

The parentals are sportin' the family pride back in Wisconsin.
We won't tell Brad that my sticker CLEARLY looks bigger.

Would you look at that, all legal in the state of Colorado!
Who knew looking out the
ENTIRE rear view window
would be so exciting.

Honestly, you would swear I'm not actually IN my classroom while teaching. I no sooner give directions, and am roaming about the room, checking in with teams, only to come across THIS! Quite frankly, I would much rather have this kind of relationship with my oldest kids - engagement is engagement! (And apparently, Space Man now knows his notes and rests, too!)

The kids figured out pretty fast that sub-dividing beats gets a bit predictable. One kiddo picked up the pink marker and added his very own important note. It's a fast one.

Seeing some pretty funny T-shirts this year.

I concur.


Each generation has their own trendy thing: slap bracelets, jelly bracelets (ok, perhaps it's just bracelets...) Anywho, the kids are loving these things right now: Silly Bandtz. Stretchy wrist bands in cool shapes. Animals. Sport figures. You name it.

And they are loving them by the HUNDREDS. Obviously, there is a NO TOUCHY TOUCHY rule in my classroom, and for the most part, the kids are really good about it. (There are some teachers that are all-out banning them already. I don't really think we have to go that far. Yet. It's just like any other craze - you model how to use them, and if that doesn't work, you remove the distraction. Really, now. Give 'em a chance.)

I can see some perks - I watched a child take 5 random bands off of their wrist, and then make up a story about how they were connected! (Example the kids said using bands seen above: "There once was this beautiful, yellow snail. She was the most beautiful snail in the land, forever staring in her blue mirror, etc...") I think it's a great way for kiddos to stretch their imagination! And their bracelets. Right now, I'm all for them. Stretch away.

Red Fish named Blue, meet your new Beta brother, Ulysses.

I know, I know.
I should stick with pet rocks.
But, rocks aren't as PRETTY!
And they certainly don't swim as gracefully.

3:58 pm. Two minutes before Friday dismissal.
The child RUNS into my classroom to deliver her birthday treat.
What is LEFT of her birthday treat, that is.

"Here, Ms. G! You can
have the part I didn't chew!"


Les said...

I agree! Leave the Silly Bands alone!!!

Les said...

Actually,the comment left from Les, was left by Shelly. I apparently deleted my account and am not aloud to have it back :(