Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Second Coming and an Octopus

How to Make Your Heart Rate Skyrocket: We had JUST concluded our Disciple Bible Study class on Monday - we had been talking all about the book of Thessalonians (one of Paul's letters) and the second coming, and how it would be so obvious, none of us would miss it due to the sounds of loud trumpets, etc.

We no sooner blow out the teeny, tiny candle in our classroom and all of the fire alarms go off! Holy smoke (ha), that alarm is loud! L-O-U-D! We all evacuate the building, the fire men (eventually) appear, and find a dusty fire alarm in a different part of the building! Whew!

Hey! My little blue fish has learned to
swim vertically in his tank!
Good job, little buddy...wait...oh, man!
I need to replace him. And fast.

So we've all seen the light-up shoes. NOW, however, they are making them with BLINDING LED lights! These things are INSANE and really distracting! (and really cool!)

All I wanted was a list of who goes where after school. Check out line #5. OCTOPUS!?!? I didn't know this was a method of transportation at our school! HA! (Each bus has an animal for easy identification - too funny!)

Although, I do like that the last 2 kids will be walking with Hope. If I had to walk with anything in my heart, it would be HOPE!

Well, that didn't take long. Space Man has already made
an appearance in my classroom. At least he's a team player!

Lesson on notes: whole note is an empty circle, add a stem for a half note, fill it in for a quarter note, add a flag for an eighth note. SO, clearly there's a pattern of adding things to the note. I asked the kids to predict what a sixteenth note will look like.....

These are my kind of people!

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Tammy said...

HA! You must always be laughing! Love the octopus!