Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ninjas, Crime Scenes, and a Singing Bunny

(r.a.n.d.o.m s.t.u.f.f)

We bid our Bethany Early Childhood Center (BECC) Director, Mary, adieu last Sunday. She's a hoot and has spent many (15+ years!) making BECC a child-centered place where kids can grow and learn about God! We'll miss her energy and spirit and wish her the best in retirement!

Considering neither of us really hold still
for very long, this is a pretty good photo!

Ron Squared. Dual-Ron Ron. I could go on...
Mary, her husband Ron, and Pastor Ron.

Judi prepped some gorgeous flowers for the reception!
There was a glowing bead in each glass jar! Beauty!

Sweet pea, Eliza, and I dancing.
I love hanging out with the BECC kiddos!

Jeremiah, the ninja. Tattoo included.

Seriously!? Enough already.

OH, the HORROR! When will I learn that maybe I just need to take more than ONE trip up the stairs to my third story home!? Nope. I am determined to carry everything. ONE TRIP. Super B.

I'd like to think that the bottle jumped all on it's own...

The crime scene.
Three flights of stairs covered by this gruesome liquid.

ALLIIIIIIVE! No, really. It's just fine!
I need my fish to be made out of this material...

Grandma Dot made me a bunch of awesome
dish towels a few years ago. Here's the one I'm
enjoying this week. Hand-sewn!

No, seriously. 105? Done.

And, finally, here's what I found in my classroom this past Friday. Gathered the kiddos at the piano, started singing our songs, only to hear these little giggles behind me.

"Ms. G, I just wanted my bunny to have as
much fun as I did in music class yesterday!
Don't worry, he's a good singer."

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