Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Town Named George

August 14, 2010: The LAST time we did a half-marathon (read all about it), we thought to ourselves, "Boy, it sure would be nice to continue on down this road, and walk to the next city." Well, after a bit of hunting, we found the NEXT half-marathon did indeed continue from Georgetown, CO to Idaho Springs, CO.


Let's find the things that are just wrong in this photo, shall we?

1. There is no light in the room.
2. The first number is a 4.
3. Did I mention the first number is a 4?

Pretty happy for 4:23 am.

Sarah? John. John? Sarah.

This is the part of the story where I should mention that it is rather chilly in Georgetown, CO at 6 in the morning. Chilly as in FORTY SEVEN degrees. No, really. That's a FORTY then a SEVEN. Stinking freezing. We should have worn more layers, and then either peeled them off (discard) or thrown them in the 'please return to me at the end of the race' pile. Instead? We just shivered. It wasn't until mile 4 where we literally could start to feel our fingers again.

Shivered as we walked the half mile to the bus.
Shivered as we waited for the bus.
Shivered as we waited in line to use the bathrooms.
Shivered as we waited for the race to start.
Shivered as we walked the first 2+ miles.

Note to self: Full Marathon in October.
October will be cold. October will be VERY cold.
Prepare accordingly!

In our efforts to not freeze to death before the race even started, we huddled inside a hut near the Start Line. Apparently, some lady near the entrance thought I was making a move for her spot, pushing me against the metal picnic table, and leaving this lovely bruise. Chill OUT, chica!

Um...what? Crazy moose before the race.

(Quite honestly, we would have traded places with him in an instant - HE didn't have exposed skin, HE had a warm fuzzy outfit on, HE was wearing warm socks.)


These are all the people that were running after us.
We pretended we were really good runners to get a great start spot.
We were amused. They were not.

Mile 2 made it all worth it.

"Here comes the SUN!!"

Really wanted to hike this part of the race.

Did I? No.
Should I? No.
Could I? You bet!

Sarah was REALLY excited about Mile 10.
We took Aleve at Mile 10. Smart move.

Did I? No....



Goodbye, Georgetown!

Hello, Idaho Springs!

We finished in 3 hours, 10 minutes, and 43 seconds!
Faster than our last time! BOOYA!

Walked another half mile to the huge high school field where we found all the goodies that come with a race: food, free bags, food, merchandise, food, t-shirts, food. Then another half mile+ to get back to our car. But we had food, we were good!

T-shirts from the race. I like how it says "FINISHER" -
pretty sure that includes just about everyone!

New restaurant (to me) in Cherry Creek. HA!
I could have eaten a COW, I was so stinkin' hungry.

What's right with this picture?

1. There is light in this room.
2. The first number is a 4.
3. Did I mention the first number was a 4...PM?!


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