Sunday, August 8, 2010

Charlie and the Rice Factory

There once was a toddler named Charlie...

...Who came upon one ton of rice.

He picked up the grain,
And started to strain,

And figured a nap might be nice!

We collected close to 3,000 POUNDS of rice today!

Good News: I go back to work tomorrow!
Bad News: I go back to work tomorrow!

Ok, so perhaps I'm not ready to go back to work just yet. The school, however, has been void of the little people who make it all worth it, so perhaps I just need to hang in there until they show up and all will be fine. Right? Right.

Plus, this rainbow was just outside the building.
It's a sign. Right? Right.

August in Castle Rock.
Castle Rock in August.

Good News: carpet cleaning tomorrow!
Bad News: my living room is now on my deck!

This reminds me of my studio apartment
my last year of college. EMPTY.

Breakfast tomorrow morning should be interesting.

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