Friday, November 26, 2010

Bren, Bev and a Bomber

Here comes trouble! Double trouble. First requirement for sitting in the back pew at Bethany: matching clothing. Second requirement: spunky attitude. Final requirement: must be willing to randomly burst into musical harmonies during any and all parts of the liturgy and service. WOOHOO! Love sitting next to Bev in church!

Ok, so I'm driving home from church on November 18th, and I see this really low-flying jet. I think to myself, "Wow, that SR-71 Blackbird certainly is flying low and slow."

Now, why on earth am I thinking about SR-71 Blackbirds? And how did that even come to mind, much less be able to identify one and/or a jet in the stealth bomber family?!? Who else would be thinking these thoughts!?

Only someone with a younger brother who obsessively played with metal toy jets as a kid, many of which I'd trip over and step on. However, information about the really cool-shaped ones (Sr-71 Blackbird included), clearly stuck in my mind, and here I am driving down the road, 20+ years later, recalling the info!

SO...I grab my cell phone, snap what I hope is a photo of the big ole flying object, only to realize there is NO WAY it could be flying that low, and laugh at my mistake. Some hang-glider is having a REALLY cool time. I do call my brother, Brad, and relay the thought-process, which amused both of us.

See! It really does look like a
cool military jet, doesn't it? we laugh about it and, just as I'm about to turn off the computer, I do one last final check of the local news, only to find an article about a Stealth Bomber that flew over Denver that day! HA! (Click here to read the article.) HA! There had been a fly-over for the Bronco game, and the B2-Spirit Stealth Bomber had flown over! HA!

Called Brad back to tell him I wasn't seeing things, and that it wasn't a hang-glider after all! HA!

The following are screen shots from the article - TOO COOL!

I would have passed out with panic had that
thing flown that close to my head! WOW!

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