Friday, November 26, 2010

OMG and Majesty

First of all, it's not what you think. Let me explain: one of my kiddos came up to me on the playground before school the other day, and handed me this ornament she hand-painted.

Before I could even react, she assured me, "Don't worry, Ms. G, it doesn't mean what it says."

What does it mean, I asked her, and she replied, "You know, it's what I always say to you when you do something silly or funny: 'Oh, Ms. G.'. That's what it stands for." OMG.

BOOYA for Lego pianos. We're working on the lid...

Whenever I work in the library on weekends, this ridiculous character keeps me company. Just an overworked Brenda and Captain Underpants.

My kiddos wrote anagrams of Thanks. I'm loving these!
Nice parents and ketchup on my turkey. Just for you, Mom.

Right on, kiddo.

Because everyone knows the TEENAGE turkey is soooo much better.

I'm thankful for Neptune. Aren't you? :)

Speaking of other planets, I turn around to assess a
xylophone group the other day, and this is what greets me!

I must have laughed pretty hard, because when
I returned 5 minutes later, they had multiplied.

Honest to Pete, this is what happens when
I turn my back. Funny little people.

Personally, I thought moving the pumpkin all over the office counter was amusing. Now, it has a clearly marked placemat on the corner, so it can remain in its proper spot. Good luck with that.

Kiddo: Ms. G, do you know what color this is?
Me: Purple!
Kiddo: NO, Ms. G. It's Purple Mountain Majesty.

But of course.

Nothing like coming back inside from freezing playground duty to find a pair of shoes right next to your yummy oatmeal.

I mean...thank you, little person, for bringing in shoes for our shoe drive. When I said toss your spare shoes near my desk, I forgot that some of you take me literally! :)

So, I'm guessing Aaron was here...

...and Alyssa was...where??

Hooray! The Castle Rock star has been lit. All is well.

I see this each time I exit Target.
Stops me in my tracks every time.
Majesty indeed.

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