Friday, November 12, 2010

Rock on, Dom

Meet Dominic. Love this kid. He's got a huge heart, is quick to laugh, and always has a hug to offer. His inquisitive mind is stretching by the day! His mom, Liz, works with my mom, and she passes along the sweet stuff.

Sing on: Dom was in the bathtub last night, singing up a storm. I asked him where he learned his songs and he said his "singing class" (which I assume is music class). He said his singing class is one of his favorite classes he has.

(One of my favorite older pics
of the little man. Such a character.)

Up and Down: We were in the car a few days ago and the radio was on. He says "Mom, listen....the melody goes up and down" and then pointed out where it was up and where it was down. He would say, "It's up, now it goes's still's still down....there, did you hear it? It went back up!

Listen Up: I told him tonight (while driving in the car) that I had a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow and he says "I'm sure you do" and I asked if he wanted to help me and he says "Mom, I'm too tired to talk about it, can we just listen to music?"

Rock on, Dom.

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