Friday, November 12, 2010

Handicapped Invertebrates from Canada

My World is Falling Apart...literally!
I returned from a sub day last month, only to find broken xylophones, ripped team mats, and a split globe. Leave it to my kids to lighten the mood, and put things in perspective. This photo is proof positive that I laugh every single day!
We were exploring tuning forks in class the other day, and found one online (click here to pierce your own eardrums.) Played a bunch of different tones, and then played the highest one (2,000+ hZ). A kid shouts out the following (I can't make this stuff up):

Kid: STOP! Don't you know that decibels over 1,000 hZ can kill an invertebrate!
Me: Last time I checked, we aren't invertebrates.
Kid: We will be if you don't stop that horrible noise!!
Four-Square, G-Style
Kid: Ms. G! Ms. G! We played four-square today, and I played with your handicap.
Me: What are you talking about?
Kid: Your handicap! I pretended to play with one eye, and Kid #2 pretended he was your mom.
Me: I get the one eye thing, but my mom?
Kid: Yeah! He pretended he had a broken arm!
Me: Gotcha. So...who won?
Kid: He did. I needed my eye back fast. I'm not sure you should be driving, Ms. G.
Reasons to Use a Map
Exploring new paths, finding the local park, the normal answers.
THEN... "so we can find our way back from Canada". Oooof-dah.
Only a Third Grader
Typical banter going back and forth in the classroom between then kids and I. Then, they threw a quasi-insult at me, to which I replied, "Hey! I have feelings, too!"

A kid shouts out: "You feel like #2? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Can you Hear me Now!?
Finally, a quick lesson about Beethoven this week. This is a page from "Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times, (and What the Neighbors Thought)", a fantastic text about many composers. Fun facts, great caricature-like illustrations, and all those amusing details kids just eat right up.

I had JUST explained what a chamber pot was to the class (Beethoven wasn't the most hygienic person...) when the entire class looked at me in horror as I grabbed my water bottle. Little did I know my green tea shining through my blue water bottle looked a bit too much like the substance found IN a chamber pot to them! Funny people!
I've been fighting a sinus infection all week, and was having trouble hearing during class. The kids know how old I am, and were quick to point out "Well, Ms. G, you really shouldn't complain. I mean, you've already been able to hear 2 years longer than Beethoven did!"

Well, then! Who am I to complain!?

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