Sunday, April 11, 2010

Arm Hair

arm hair....OH MY!

Hooray for lilies! I'm taking this photo from the car, because you know it's only a matter of time before I tip the thing over 15 times steering the car too vigorously, completely drop it on its way up three flights of stairs, and forget to water it over the next few months. Welcome home, Lily!

Dear Starbucks Card: Thank you for being such a pal over the last month. You have filled me with Green Tea Lattes and warm panini sandwiches, and lest we forget, the Greek Yogurt Cups. I shall miss your presence in my life, and forever remember our drive-through time together. Sincerely, Brenda.

Want to know what started the whole painting hoopla in the first place? The electronic drum set you see above! ALL I wanted to do was use up the last of our music budget and LOOK where it landed me! :) This drum set is super cool, makes those wicked scratch-the-record sounds (I'm sure there is a much more technical term, but alas, I'm so not rap-cool), and made for some really happy (and surprised) kiddos at school. I don't think they quite know what to make of me this week...and that's saying something!

Oh, yeah. MUCH better than the plain drumsticks.

Soldiers, ready...MARCH!

So, you know how as a teacher you're supposed to be impartial, and fair, and not pick favorites? Yeah, well, blah blah blah....enjoy some of my absolute faves!

A face! Clever!
A spill of silver paint! Not so clever!

"Really? We can use more than one color, Ms. G?"
"Yes, you MAY use more than one color!"
(I couldn't resist)

A one-eyed wood block. Kiss up.

See how much more colorful our classroom will be?
Super stoked to share with the other tracks of kids.

Oh, yeah. A tamborine. A colorful tamborine.
It will sound better. I'm sure of it.

I leave you with two words: ARM HAIR. I finished lacquering everything wooden this afternoon around 4pm. I would just like to help inform the world that when spraying lacquer outdoors, one should always take note of which way the wind is blowing, so as to not permanently affix your arm hair to your body.

Lesson learned.

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Ann Herrell said...

May I just say that, when I transport potted plants, I've found seat-belting them into place to be fairly effective. One must combine this tactic with gentle braking and turning, however... :-)