Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture Perfect

I have a million deep thoughts about all things involving Easter and Holy Week....and that post is coming soon.  There aren't enough hours in the day to pull that one together tonight.  For now, enjoy a bunch of colorful photos taken by Kate of our wonderful Easter afternoon!

Grandma Jan and Lucy

What?  A non-digital camera?  
Love it!  So does Ellie!

Each one of the girls has an expression uniquely their own:  Sophie is proud of her red basket, Ellie is happy yet shy, Hanna stands proud and tall, and Lucy is just a sweet little ham for the camera!

Who knew searching for eggs could look so rustic?

Ann helping Lucy find some eggs before all the older cousins grab them first (Do you see it?!  It must be below the plant...)

Sophie and Lucy with their Mom, Leigh, exploring their loot!

I certainly got my workout bouncing 
Lucy from one side of my stool to the other!  

She'd then scoot to the other side of the stool, 
and giggle as I pretended to not be able to find her!

What's funny is that from this angle, 
little Lucy looks just like a little Brenda!

Kate + Camera = Beauty

Whatup, peeps?

Sara and HER camera

Like Father, Like Son - Kim and Ross

Lucy and her Dad, Tim

Ellie and her Dad, Reuben....and another camera!

Sweet pea!


Grandpa Gary and...what's that?  A camera!

Happy Easter!

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