Friday, April 9, 2010

Wasn't Ready for That

I wasn't ready for Isabel to tell me that her handmade telescope for our Pirate Choir Concert was made from the spools from her Grandmother's collection - the same grandmother who passed away last week. Wasn't ready for that.

I wasn't ready to see that there is a trapdoor that leads into the space above my home. I'm not sure if someone is coming or going. I would say that I should probably sleep with one eye open, but that might make for a rather restless evening... I could have done without seeing a secret entrance to my home. Wasn't ready for that.

I wasn't ready for the range of emotions that accompanied our Space lessons this week. The kids and I followed the launch of the space shuttle, which came with many inquiries from the little people, including questions about missions that had failed. I briefly talked to the kids about the Challenger tragedy, and how I had been a child in elementary school when it happened. It clearly still brought up vivid images and raw emotion for me, which I think is okay for the kids to see once in a while. The above photo was taken this week in Castle Rock, and reminded me of that perfect blue sky in 1986 that was scarred with the white clouds of the explosion. Wasn't ready for that.

I wasn't ready to finish up a practice session in the Sanctuary, only to turn around and see the lone choir robe, resting in the choir loft. The funeral earlier that day was for a man named Ross, a longtime doctor in the Denver area and 30 yr. member of Bethany church choir. This is the same Ross that taught me how to play Bridge at the Senior's group in late February. Seeing that robe stopped me completely in my tracks. Wasn't ready for that.

I wasn't ready to see the live animal and reptile cart not 2 feet from me this afternoon at school. The colorful bird was awesome, but the secured blue cooler beneath contained an animal of which I shall not speak (thanks a LOT, Indiana Jones). Knowing it was even IN the school gave me the creeps, and knowing it was being held outside of its secure case on the other side of my classroom wall made me all but freak out. Wasn't ready for that.

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d.n.williamson said...

I was home sick on the living room couch the day the challenger blew up. Was it 2nd grade?