Friday, April 9, 2010

Color Us Happy!

Ever have one of those crazy ideas that completely
takes on a life of its own? Welcome to my world...

Step 1: Sand down anything wooden that can be painted.

Step 2: Completely cover children in
paint shirts, as to not upset parents.

Step 3: Place a large drop cloth under children,
so as to not upset the custodian.

Step 4: Release the children! Time to paint!

Check out my super-cool stool!

...AND our colorful drum sticks.

They look like tiny javelins!

What? Sand-blocks are made out of wood, too?
They must be painted!

...such technique!

2 teacher stools, 12 drum sticks,
4 tambourines, 24 sand-blocks.

Color us HAPPY!


Sarah said...

The kids in your class must have such a great, happy time with you! Let me just say that my grade school music teacher, Mrs. Griswold, did not have the same happy level of energy that you have....

Tammy said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun and that you had a great Easter (no wonder you had so many great pic's, with all those cameras!)

We saw your parents at Perkins last night. Who knew they went anywhere besides Cousins????