Sunday, April 11, 2010

Swift Kick

Simply absurd. 

This had to be the most ridiculous thing I saw online today:  my little brother Brad (who is in Haiti, mind you) and Kate (who could be considered my little sister) becoming fans of Taylor Swift on Facebook!  Honestly, you two need a Swift kick in the....oh, wait...that's when I remembered....

...that I, too, had joined the Taylor Swift Fan Club (by proxy) just this week, thanks to one of my students.  SNAP!  She attended the TS concert here in Denver, and bought me a wicked-cool Glo-Stick.  It rocks.  

Check it out!  I had to swing it around and let it reflect 
in the bathroom mirror in order to capture these shots.  

Dang.  Can't really say anything about Brad and Kate, except...
Welcome to the club! 

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