Thursday, April 1, 2010

Your First Communion

Dearest Children,

Tonight, we celebrated your First Communion - a moment in time that signals you have now come of age to join us at the Table.  While you've always been a part of the Feast, you now get to receive the most special of blessings, the body and blood, in your very hands!  

I marvel at receiving this gift each and every time it is given to me, and I sincerely pray you will come to find its place in your heart, too.  There is nothing quite like literally standing beneath the cross and listening to the pastor speak the words of institution - "In the night in which he was betrayed..."  When you stand at the altar, you can actually see the pastor reflected in the cup!  The crack of the breaking wafer is the moment that always brings me great joy.  Knowing that these elements represent the amazing gift Jesus gave us so long ago - this is what we celebrated with you this wonderful night!

I hope that you were able to enjoy 

the tiny moments of the evening...

Hearing the splash of water as 

the pastors washed your feet...

Watching your grandparents proudly 

take you by the hand and lead you to the rail...

Seeing you hesitate, ever so slightly, 

at the center aisle, waiting for your turn to go and kneel...

Having your tiny, outstretched hands 

receive the wafer and dip it in the cup for the first time...

I pray for the strengthening of your faith - that you will ask lots of questions, that you will be filled with wonder, that you will marvel at the amazing power of God, that the Holy Spirit will come to you in many forms, and that you remember your First Communion.  

God bless each and every one of you! 

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Shulsland said...

Brenda, this is an awesome letter. You should send it out to each First Communicant - seriously.