Friday, April 2, 2010

On the Floor

This is going to be short and sweet, as I am dead tired. Admittedly, probably not the best choice of words, as it is Good Friday and we performed Rutter's Requiem tonight, but that's what you're getting folks. I'm ready to fall asleep on the floor.

The pairs of shoes keep a'coming in! Soles on the floor.
Dain Family, you rock! Soles4Souls!

Want to see the world's most pathetic poinsettia? See above. This would be it. Yes, this is from Christmas. Yes, I should have watered it more between Dec. 25 and today. Yes, I'm keeping it until Easter, simply for self-amusement. You could say it's symbolic to have a plant appear in my home at Christmas and then leave at Easter. Although, it looks about as good as my fish. Dead and falling on the floor. Just wait, I'll bring home something from this Sunday. Then in 5 months, I can show you a dead lily or mum.

(Note: fun photos removed from original post...)

I'm going to need a flatbed in order to deliver all these shoes! How cool is that?! I was about to take this picture, and the kids stopped me and told me I needed to spice it up and add some color. Well, then. Here are the shoes on the floor AND some crazy, colorful ribbons. Thank you, Christianson Family! Soles4Souls!

Easter Vigil tomorrow. Bring on the hippos.
But more about that in the morning...

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