Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Open Immediately

And just think, before blogging, you never would have
had the chance to enjoy these photos and stories!?

What in the WORLD is happening at the back of my fridge?! I keep a small container near the back to catch the random dripping of water from the freezer, and this lovely ice sculpture is what I found inside there this week. Might need to look into this...

Who knew my lunch could be so amusing...

Kelly. I'm blaming Kelly. Honestly. An entire jar of hot fudge topping? And you really expected me not to go and fill up my water bottle with milk from the cafeteria and grab a spoon? Kelly. I'm blaming Kelly for the latest pounds on my frame. Curse you.

This is about the last thing I want to see when I pass by the mailboxes at my school. Open immediately? If not sooner.

"Ms. G, I need to read you my note. Right now."
Everyone needs to hear an afternoon poem
about someone named Squishy.
Who goes to the bathroom.
Because he wants to. At home. At 10:00.

There is a special place in heaven for moms who individually wrap fudge for their child's birthday treat and then deliver it to the music teacher on a track-off day. This mom happens to also be 36 weeks pregnant. Bless her.

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