Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year from Colorado!

My newest favorite thing: Bananagrams! Described as the 'anagram game that will drive you bananas', Bananagrams is a 144-tile world game where players form words until all the tiles are used. You begin with 21 tiles, and add one tile from the draw pile once you've placed your tiles. Everyone has to pick up a new tile, whether they were ready for the next tile or not. If you are on a roll, and the others players aren't...look out! I LOVE the bag the tiles come in - a banana! Super cute and compact! Portable, too!

What a great game to build your vocabulary - it's amazing how my word length has improved after just one week of playing! There are a couple of tricky letters: J, V, Q and of course, Z. If those letters trip you up, you have the option of tossing it back into the draw pile, but you'll have to grab 3 tiles in exchange. No proper nouns, names, etc. The typical scrabble-like rules. Can you tell I really enjoy this game?! I bought it for some friends, and had to go back to the store and purchase my own bag'o'banana fun!

Here's what a solo-round looks like:
Love it! It's $15 - Barnes and Noble keeps it in stock!

Have a bananagram'o'riffic 2009!

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Chance said...

Happy New Year! What are we doing blogging at midnight on New Year's? Andy ended up getting really sick...which left me home playing caregiver, crafting, and blogging instead of going out. I'm okay with that. : )