Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100% of the Shots

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Wayne Gretzky (1961 - )
Retired Canadian professional ice hockey player

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Ann and I were just talking about this quote the other day, although I couldn't remember who had said it at the time. It's that give it your all attitude - the you can't possibly complain about what you don't have if you didn't get off your hide and chase it down yourself kind of mentality. I'm up for 100% of the shots!

I feel like I am about to seriously neglect my blog right now, as I'm preparing everything for my trip to the tundra known as the midwest. It scares me when everyone over in Wisconsin is rejoicing at temperatures that have two digits. That's a bit alarming for my outer extremeties.

I am sitting at my kitchen table, surrounded by technology! I currently have:
  • DVDs burning,
  • CDs burning,
  • CDs playing,
  • I'm on hold with a customer service rep. on the phone,
  • I'm blogging and grading on my Macbook,
  • My Garmin Nüvi GPS is charging,
  • My cell phone is texting me, and
  • Miles, the tech man is remotely accessing my computer from PC Tablet from California to install updates and the necessary software I'll need for my Kagan Cooperative Learning training (in a week!)
THIS is how I get 100% of the shots - multitasking and having others assist! HA!


The Yeadons said...

You are a multi-tasking machine! It is funny to think that my Grandma refused to even get an answering machine! She said she had never needed technology before, so why start so late in her life :)

Brenda said...

We had the same issue with Grandma and the MICROWAVE! HA! See you two tomorrow! :)