Friday, January 9, 2009

I cannot make this stuff up: Thursday night, I checked out my matches on (yes, I have a profile on an online dating site - I work with 60+ women! I need to meet some wonderful, single men, and it's not happening at work!). ANYWHO, I'm checking my matches, and I do a quick search that includes the words humor, non-smoker, Christian, wants children, and the search results show about 10 guys. This is good.

Now, I'm always wary of guys who post pictures with women. I can certainly understand why there is a female in a picture if the guy has six sisters or something like that. But, to post pictures on an online dating site WITH women in the pictures?! Not my idea of a great profile! (I've always loved The Bernstain Bears series, and I think the book pictured here fits my sentiments perfectly when it comes to what I'm looking for in a profile!)

SO, I'm checking out Guy #3, and we match on a bunch of great attributes: fun, outgoing, adventurous, Christian, non-smoking, etc. I get to his third picture, and I realize that I am staring at a picture of Guy #3 and a COLLEAGUE of mine! Yes, a friend from my school! Are you kidding me!? As if it wasn't bad enough to have a mysterious female in his picture - I KNEW this person!

I'm still laughing about this one. And yes, I told my friend about the picture so she'd realize she was part of a profile! HA! Too funny. I think I'll keep searching.


Anonymous said...

You made my day yesterday. :)

The upside to this is that if you know the girl, you can get a personal reference about the guy. HAHA! Can't believe this happened!

Ann Herrell said...

So... how much will I have to pay you to learn the identity of your colleague?