Sunday, January 18, 2009

They Just Keep Swimming

HOORAY! My fish have made it past the 5 month mark! My little swimmers have been alive now for 5 months! 5 months and 2 days to be exact. That's 155 days. (How lame is THIS blog entry!?)

If you remember my blog entry in September, keeping fish alive is NOT my forte. Five hours is about my record, so measuring little fish in MONTHS is a Brenda miracle.

I feed them every other day, because that's when I remember to feed them. I change their water more often than I feed them.

I do talk to them (I think we may have just nailed down why I am still single) all the time, so they know I love them. Even if I forget to give them daily nourishment.

Good job, little fish. Way to keep swimming.


Chance said...

Have I ever told you story about the time Andy and I took our betta with us to Steamboat for Thanksgiving because it was sick and needed daily medicine drops? was also the time that we were excited to tell Andy's parents that we were expecting Addison. A time when upon such news, you want to really appear responsible and organized in front of your in-laws.

Lavender was the betta's name...because it was purple...very original...I know. So anyway, Lavender rode up with us in the cup holder of my Rav 4. We get to our cabin and Andy unloads the car. The next morning I go to give Lavender his medicine and I can't find where Andy put him in our tiny cabin...oh that's because Lavender is STILL in the cup holder in the car...FROZEN to death! Great...we were just responsible for giving our fish medicine drops and we are suppose to tell his parents we are expecting a child to take care of! Needless to say...I haven't owned a fish since. AJ has been fine so far though. HA!

Ann Herrell said...

Don't forget to bring them to my house before you leave for WI–if we keep them in our bedroom, Lucy won't be able to nibble on them!